Photo diary #9

Es hat eine Weile gedauert aber hier kommt mein Fototagebuch für Oktober und November 2017. Es ist viel passiert! Photowalks, Shootings, Ausflüge und Besuch von Freunden!

It took a while, but here is my photo diary for October and November 2017. A lot has happened! Photowalks, shootings, trips and visits from friends!

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An afternoon with Maxi

Last weekend I had a very spontaneous photoshoot with Maxi. I drove to her lovely home in the north of Berlin and I took just a couple of pictures. And I love them! In the next months I will show some more portraitures here on my blog. So, enjoy!

Eastside Music Days

Every year you are able to see a lot of talented street musicians during the Eastside Music Days. It is great fun to enjoy this free street music festival and I highly recommend it. Here are my pictures from Saturday.  

Photo diary #8

Welcome to the new edition of my photo diary! August 2017. What is the best way to start our holidays? Right, Sushi! 

August 5 2016. This is a very special day for me, because this is my wedding day! At our first anniversary we just rent a car and drove back to Rangsdorf to enjoy a beautiful day at the lake. 

On our way to Spreewald! And it was my first time! 

Back in Berlin. #C/O Berlin #Tempelhoferfeld #ZooBerlin

Streets of Amsterdam

I flew to Amsterdam to spend a couple of days in our local office. The weather was amazing and I decided to walk around the city for a few hours. I love the vibe there. It seems like everybody is way more relaxed compared to Berlin. And I loved the fact that there were almost no cars driving around. I stayed at the Hotel Corona which is a lovely place located right next to a big park and I can really recommend it!

New York City 1999

After 17 years I was finally able to scan the photos I took at my first "big" vacation. It was December 24th as we started our Millennium trip to New York City. Together with my best friend Wolfgang, we thought it is a good idea to be at time square on December 31 1999. And it was quite an experience. We will never do it again, but it was fun. We stood probably 12 hours with one bottle of water and a sandwich in the middle of time square. What a day! This was my first trip to America too and I only had a small point and shoot camera with me. But still I love looking at the pictures and remember the good time we had together. Wolfgang and I will be together in NYC in 2019 - 20 years after our first visit. I am really looking forward!

My best friend Wolfgang took also a couple of pictures with his analog camera. Click the button to see them.

Photo diary #7

It´s been a while since I have uploaded the last photo diary. As the summer in Berlin is still not really here I used the time and selected some pictures I want to share here in my diary. #Berlin #Photodiary #LeinOnTour

Los Angeles 2017

"Hey here's to you California - Beautiful haze of suburbia - Living in the perfect weather - Spending time inside together - Hey here's to you California". I love the song from Blink 182 and I love Los Angeles. Yes, it is kind a love & hate relationship. However, we went to Venice in March this year to have a week off. We stayed at the Venice Air Hotel directly at the beach and our room had a wonderful ocean view. The location was just perfect, good restaurants (e.g. Rose), shops and coffee bars around the corner. It was great fun!  

A day with John Free

One of my favorite photography related youtube channels is Ted Forbes' The Art of Photography. Back in 2015 I saw Ted taking a lesson from John Free. I was fascinated by the passion and enthusiasm John showed in the video and I thought it would be great to meet him one time in person. After 2 years, in January 2017, I finally asked John for a private lesson in Los Angeles and he agreed to meet us in March in Los Angeles. My wife joined me and we went for a short trip to California. Our hotel was located in Venice beach and on Monday March 20th we left pretty early to be on time for our private workshop in downtown Los Angeles. After a 30 min ride we arrived at the grand central market, had a coffee and a cake and at 9:00 AM we finally arrived at the meeting point. We were pretty exited to meet John and his son Scott! Within the first hour Scott and John gave us a short lesson about the history of street photography. We had a conversation about a couple of street photographs and what they mean to them and of course to us. After that we started walking trough downtown. John explained his special approach to street photography and how to capture a meaningful photograph. "No easy shots" he said, and it´s very true. John taught us a lot of things, we enjoyed the time we had together and I hope we will meet again whether it is in Los Angeles or maybe in Berlin for another lesson. So all we can say is thank you John, we had a really great time with you!

If you want to get in touch with him you can find all information on his website