Hawaii Honeymoon 2016

When we decided to spend our honeymoon in Hawaii, we hoped for an unforgettable, wonderful trip. And what can we say? It was amazing! We have been to Kauai and Maui. Kauai, known as the garden island, was a blast. We flew with the Helicopter above the crater, we made a boat trip to the Napali coast and on our way we saw whales and dolphins, a perfect day! I had the best fish taco of my life at the South Maui Fish Company (thanks Jeff!). It was difficult to leave this kind of paradise after 18 days of fun! All we can say is: Mahalo Hawaii! 


Photo diary #5

Golden October in Berlin? I would rather call it grey and dark. But then for a couple of days, the sun came out and we finally could shoot the lovely golden light that I love. This is October 2016 through my lens.

NFL in London

It is football time! Since a long time I wanted to attend a live NFL game. In March, I heard about the NFL international series in London and I decided to buy tickets directly. And so it happened that we flew over to London last weekend to support the Indianapolis Colts against the Jacksonville Jaguars. We started the weekend on Regent Street, which was completely crowed with NFL fans. We had a good time and we couldn´t wait for the actual game on Sunday! We took the tube to Wembley very early on the Sunday morning and this was a good decision. There were a lot of people around the stadium but everything went very smooth and the vibe was great. Although Indianapolis lost the game, we enjoyed watching the game, the experience and the time with our lovely friends.

Photo diary #4

It is already October and here comes the photo diary of September. It was a beautiful late summer here in Berlin and now we are looking forward to a golden October!

August in Paris

Back in Paris after a while. It was a sunny Saturday in August and I decided to walk around the river with my two cameras. For this trip I had my Fuji X100T and the brand new Nikon F3 HP in my bag. I was curious to shot film again and I have to say I loved it. So come with me to Paris on an beautiful summer day.

I decided to shoot a lot with my new Nikon F3 HP. I love this camera and I am happy with the results. #filmisnotdead

Photo diary #3

August was just incredible! I just married the most wonderful woman in the world. August 5th 2016 will always be remembered as one of the best days in my life. Furthermore I traveled to Madrid, Amsterdam and Paris. Most of the time I shot with my new Nikon F3 HP. What a lovely camera! I am so curious to see the results. Unfortunately, I have to wait one more week to get my scans back from the film lab here in Berlin. But I can say it is a lot of fun to shoot with an old SLR. I think I will use it more often in the future. I really enjoy the process of shooting film. It slows me down and make me think more. But enough said, here are the pictures from August 2016 (at least those I shoot with my beloved Fuji X100T, the pictures from my wedding are taken by schwarzweissundfarbe.de)

Madrid 2016

We had four beautiful days in the capital of Spain. August in Madrid? Yes it was hot, but that is what we needed after the cold summer here in Berlin. We walked 20k steps a day and I took some pictures to document our lovely trip. So enjoy!

Photo diary #2

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Weekend in Amsterdam (summer edition)

It was about time to visit the Netherlands again. We had a lovely weekend in Amsterdam with the family. It was sunny, we had some great food and we walked the streets all Sunday long...