Photography books I love

If someone asks me how I get motivated or inspired for my photography, I always answer that I get inspired by the work of other photographers or artists. 'Buy books not gear' like Eric Kim always says and I think it is very true. I love photography books and that's why I would like to share some of my favorites from my shelf with you. 

Ben Bernschneider "Return Of An American Summer"

The first one is from Ben Bernschneider. This is the second part of a trilogy about an american summer. I just love the mood and feelings Ben is able to deliver through his work. But it is not only a photography book, Ben also included a story which was fun to read! If you do not know Ben, here you can find more about his work:

Pascal Kerouche "Snapshot Stories"

It was just a coincidence that I saw the book from Pascal in my Facebook stream. I read the story behind this book and in a second it became clear to me that I have to order it. And what can I say. I love it, the stories behind the pictures are awesome and if you love hip hop and photography, this is your book!

Rudi Meisel "Landsleute"

We have been to his exhibition at c/o Berlin in 2015. Luckily Rudi Meisel was there to give us a guided tour and a lot of background information about his work. It was very impressive and he was entertaining too. 

Alexey Titarenko "The City Is A Novel"

What a book! I never saw something like this before. It blows me away. Alexey Titarenko is a Russian photographer who lives in New York City. If you want to know more about him, I would recommend Ted Forbes interview from his artist series.   

Richard Sandler "The Eyes Of The City"

This is one of my newest books. Richard Sandler is a New York based documentary filmmaker & street photographer. I think this book gives you a pretty good impression of the life in streets of New York City in the late 70´s and 80´s.