CO Berlin, Rudi Meisel

What a great exhibition! Yesterday I had the opportunity to join a guided tour by Rudi Meisel at the CO Berlin. Currently there are 2 lovely exhibitions. 100 years of Leica photography called "Augen auf!" and the project "Two Germanys/Landsleute" from Rudi Meisel. It was very special to hear all the little stories behind the pictures directly from the photographer. You are not familiar with Rudi Meisel?

Rudi Meisel travelled to the GDR several times a year, one of the few West German photographers to do so at that time. Commissioned by numerous different media, he was able to photograph everyday life there, a special opportunity at that time. In the tradition of street photography, he was interested in what was happening behind the state-manipulated propaganda and staged events. His perspective on the socialist state is open, inquisitive and free of any polemics, malice or condescendence. Rudi Meisel’s reportages appear to show things unadulterated, even though the results were controlled by censorship – he was always assigned an International Press Centre overseer. In principle already valuable, visual primary sources and authentic illustrative material, these photographs are given an additional level of meaning when shown in juxtaposition with his photographs from West Germany. This interaction and comparison provides information about the features that characterize what could be called “German” or the “German Nation”.

Here you can find out more about the exhibition.